Much More Than a Closed-Circuit TV
or Security Camera System

The artificial intelligence of the software uses the cameras as its eyes

  • State-of-the-art computer vision and aquatic image processing
  • Provides independent surveillance, complementing that of the lifeguards’
  • Recognizes texture, volume and movement within the pool
  • Differentiates between “normal” activity and “suspicious” activity
  • Tracks trajectory of victim to the bottom of the pool and counts 10 seconds before alert
  • Sounds 100db audible alerts and flashes an LED display of victim’s location coordinates

“The difficulty of their (lifeguards) task is exacerbated because swimmers regularly do things that look like drowning but aren’t, such as swimmers under water, lying on the bottom of the pool, splashing frantically…The lifeguards simply cannot see everything, but the illusion of attention makes us believe they will.”
-The Invisible Gorilla, p. 40-41,
“I Think I Would Have Seen That”

Introducing the Future of Computer-Aided Drowning Detections

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Warning: The Poseidon system is intended to complement lifeguards, not replace them or reduce their responsibilities or vigilance. Poseidon does not save people from drowning – lifeguards do. Under no circumstances should the presence or use of Poseidon result in the reduction or modification of lifeguard staffing or duties as required by regulation or normal practices.
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