Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is bumper-to-bumper maintenance Warranty?

- 1 year from "Go Live" date (installation & user training complete)

- Software upgrades are automatic and transparent

-Equipment upgrades are automatic

- Equipment and spare parts replacement included

-System is perpetually in a fully functional "new" state

-(Includes all Time/Travel expenses for Poseidon Technicians)

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2. What are the steps required before I am operating my own system?

- Technical study layout/price quote

- Contract

- Pre-installation meeting

- Order materials

- Site installation guide

- System installation

- System configuration

- System “dial-in”

- “Go live” and training (you are operating your system)

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3. How long does it typically take to go from contract to “go live”?

- From the date that the contract is signed to "go Live" is typically 5-6 months

- Can be as quick as 3

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4. How much does installation cost?

- Typically, 15% - 65% of system cost

- depends on type of pool: 

- Indoor or outdoor

- Depth of pool

- New construction, remodel or existing pool

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5. How long does system installation take?

- Typical installations take 15-25 workdays.

- Once system is installed and turned on, "Go Live" training and system handover to users occur 2-3 months later.

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6. Does Poseidon do the installation?

No, but Poseidon does:  

- Provide pre-installation planning with your facility manager

- Provide installation contractors (or we can use yours)

- Provide installation specifications and work supervision

- Initialize the system and dial it in

- Train you and your staff

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7. Does my pool have to be shutdown during installation?

-Typical shallow water (<7' depth) indoor pol installations can be done at night without shutting pool down.

- Typical outdoor and indoor pools with deep water (>7' depth) require draining and shutdown for 5-10 workdays

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8. What are the payment terms?

- 30% at contract signing

- 50% when all equipment is at jobsite

- 20% when system operation is given to owner

*Financing and leasing programs are available

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9. How do the leasing programs work? 

Programs include:
- equipment/software/installation cost 

- 36, 48 and 60 month plans available

- You own the system at the end of the plan

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10. Is it possible to have the system roughed-in during facility construction and installed at a later date?

- Poseidon will provide proprietary engineering, instructions, specifications, installation assistance and equipment at no-charge

- Excludes local contractors' fees & commodity hardware 

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11. Is the system complicated to operate?


- if you can operate a cell phone, you can operate a Poseidon system.

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12. Does having a Poseidon system require a lifeguard to sit and watch the monitor?


- Your lifeguards’ typical interface with the system is limited to logging-in to turn the system on and logging-out to turn the system off.

- The rest of the time, they can ignore the system unless it alerts them to a potential drowning in progress.

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13. Does having a Poseidon system allow me to reduce my lifeguard staff?


- Poseidon is a complement to your lifeguards’ vigilance. It helps them see what they cannot see.

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14. Will objects, like a swim cap, glasses etc., falling into the pool set off the alarm?


- The system is programmed to monitor objects the size of an 8” sphere and 8” cylinder or larger (the size of an infant).

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15. If I have more than one pool, do I have to protect myself from liability by installing systems on all of my pools simultaneously?


- Based on input from various customers’ legal counsel, common practice has been to develop a documented installation plan, starting with the highest risk pools first and working back, installing 1-2 systems per year until all pools are protected. You should consult with your own legal counsel regarding your own situation.

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16. Where are the North American Poseidon Systems installed?

- Please see list of installed sites on website

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Set it and forget it!

  • The typical daily lifeguard interface with the system is logging in to turn the system on and logging out to turn it off
  • Monitoring of the Supervision Workstation Screen is not required
  • Poseidon operates independently, monitoring the movements of all of the swimmers in the pool

Installation Overview & Specs

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